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Founded with a mission to bring PR/Marketing and creative content creation with an international flair, its unique British/American background bridges a barrage of business types that include niche marketing in the equine and pet industry, with additional proven positive results in branding travel and investment, product manufacturers and service providers across a myriad of industries.

Our ‘To-Do’ List

The advantage of using a small publishing house like ours is we get to know your business inside and out. Every business is individual with its own unique selling point and target audience. A cookie-cutter approach simply doesn’t cut it. Simply put. We care. Your success is our success.


There’s No Time Like The Present

Don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. One of the founding principles of Horse in a Kilt Media is to provide meaningful and affordable content, marketing and publishing help to businesses great and small. Expert help is just a few clicks away.


All Sorts of Businesses

Our clientele includes a myriad of business types including: veterinary companies; equine medical equipment: horse barn construction; prestige horse feed and supplement manufacturers, pet and equine products; investment firms; log home building; boutique tour companies; travel insurance; hotel groups and electronic integrated technology.

What Makes Horse in a Kilt Media Unique

Where to start!

A key factor in our success has been our flexibility and agility in meeting clients’ requirements. Thinking outside the box and being truly creative are cornerstones in the structure of the company. Our team is just. Well. Brilliant.

The unique flair of this forward-thinking agile business, heralded by its logo and cause marketing namesake Hamish the Horse, offers business owners sincere savvy and seasoned experience in all aspects of media production and distribution.

The Horse in a Kilt team offers a valuable resource of experienced, extensively published media pros, that add humor to education, thought and authority leadership to content and are always ready to share their wealth of knowledge.

Here’s a quick ‘pat on the back’ share from one of our multitude of happy client testimonials.

“An invaluable asset to our company, I have no doubt that their work {HIAK} has positively impacted our brand’s reputation, positioned our company as a trusted source for barns, kennels and prebuilt structures and contributed to our growth through increased sales......” Jill Siragusa, Chief Marketing Officer, Horizon Structures LLC. PA., a leading manufacturer of prefabricated and modular structures.









Professional guidance during planning stages is essential. No-one knows what they don’t know and the world of marketing is transient with Google analytics, social media migrations and technological changes.

Content development is a critical component in driving down customer acquisition costs [CAC]. Tactical a/b testing, click segmentation and other tools drive down the CAC while elevating the quality and quantity of the client list and increasing conversion to sales percentage.

There’s no point in providing exceptional content if no-one sees it. Marketing content has to be masterfully distributed.


Let’s Bring Your Business To The Next Level. Together.

When you select Horse in a Kilt Media as your partner our team becomes an extension of your marketing and publishing office. Assignment of your very own professional writer/creative content producer that will work as your ‘right hand’ marketing person ensures continuity throughout projects, facilitates open dialogue and exchange of ideas to build your business better.

Many of our clients have been with us for many years which is testament to our work ethic and proven value. We send out our thanks to them for placing their trust in our team and their loyalty.

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